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Noizee Media was approached by Dr Frost E-Liquid to join their marketing department to help them develop their marketing and sales strategies. Dr Frost E-Liquid is an internationally known vape brand that sells e-liquid vape juices to shops and distributors, while also selling disposable vapes with all of their flavours. They wanted to take their brand to the next level by focusing on their online presence and expanding their product offerings.

Noizee Media worked closely with Dr Frost E-Liquid to develop their eCommerce website design, graphic design, and integrating the website to work coherently with eBay and Amazon. We also implemented a b2b wholesale function onto the eCommerce website to allow for bulk purchasing by retailers and distributors.

Our most significant achievement with Dr Frost E-Liquid was the successful launch of their brand Frosty Fizz. We worked closely with the Dr Frost E-Liquid team to establish the brand and develop the product packaging design, marketing material, product photography, and rendering. The result was a fresh and modern brand that appealed to a new demographic of vape users.

Our team is proud of our work with Dr Frost E-Liquid and the impact we have had on their business. We helped them to expand their product offerings, improve their online presence, and reach a wider audience. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a successful partnership that has strengthened Dr Frost E-Liquid's position in the market.

Overall, our work with Dr Frost E-Liquid has been a testament to our ability to provide comprehensive marketing and sales solutions for businesses looking to expand their reach and impact. Our expertise in eCommerce website design, graphic design, and product branding has allowed us to create a seamless and cohesive brand experience for Dr Frost E-Liquid and their customers.

Services carried out for Dr Frost E-Liquid

Website design
Graphic design
Multi sales-channel integrations
Product photography
Brand design
Team upskilling
Social media strategies
Process streamlining
Stock management system integrations
Product rendering
Packaging design