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The world has gone digital and you need to make your mark on the huge online world; what better way is there to start than seeing how we can help improve your sale channels by selling up to 75% more!

Since 2006, we’ve catered for eCommerce platforms ranging from a variety of clients. Noizee Media have been successful in providing and supporting local and national businesses with their eCommerce requirements.

Our team are highly-trained and experienced to use all of the eCommerce platforms we work with and are able to give guidance and support to sort out a wide range of challenges which arise.


Areas We Cover


Website Platform

When it comes to Website Design, the website platform is crucial. We believe that the platform can suggest how easy it will be to make amendments. Talk to us about what platforms we work with.

Website Type

Does your company sell a product and want to sell that product online? Or do you just want to display information about your company? Choose from a variety of different website types.

Organic SEO

We can get you found on Google, Bing and other search engines. View your analytics on Google Analytics and see your sites performance on Google Search Console.

User Experience

Visiting a website should be a luxurious and simple experience, but lots of website design companies do not make it so easy. We can create a website that is easy to use and navigate.

Mobile Optimised Design

Everyone has access to a mobile phone and browses through the internet. We design websites that not-only stand out on a desktop, but on both tablet and mobile views too.


Throughout the last 13 years, we’ve been able to design and develop user-friendly websites that are integrated into other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and lots more.


 We’ve Got You Covered

Think of Noizee Media as your personal IT assistant, when you purchase hosting , you receive lots of cool extras on-top of the hosting.

When Noizee Media design and develop your exciting website, you know that you will be looked after and will receive the best support and guidance than any other website design company nearby.

Superior Uptime & Reliability

Our world-class DNS providers give you enterprise-grade traffic routing and uptime.

SSL Included

All Noizee Media websites come with a free 2048-bit SSL certificate.

Fast Content Delivery

Optimised delivery of your content using a global CDN.

Built-In Security

We always ensure that your website is protected from DDoS attacks, malware and buggy plugins.


Stephen Elvin Wealth Management provides a range of wealth management services to individuals in the South West of England.

We work closely with Stephen Elvin Wealth Management on an ongoing basis, providing advice on launching into Social Media, running Ad Campaigns and implementing a content creation strategy.

We worked closely to date on;

  • Social Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Pay Per Click

  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Strategy

  • Branding

  • Website Design

  • Content Strategy

Stephen Elvin Wealth Management
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Website platforms we work with


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